These last few weeks have been a little rough on the psyche. We’re in month 7 of my new startup, Tayamo and I realized after our first team hack night that our product wasn’t nearly as far along as I had thought and that we needed to do some serious fixing before I could really get out and sell this thing. On top of that, my other company, PwrdBy, rests in a state of flux with a large potential client, which is always a no fun waiting game and has the whole team sleeping on a bed of question marks. It’s never a great place to be having your team in question.

The thing with Tayamo really boiled down to, the front-end of the company (Business Development mainly) being a little ahead of the back-ed of the company in where we thought we were with product development. I’m sure I am blowing this way out of proportion in my own mind, but that happens from time to time when you’re in the weeds. The thing that was the hardest for me to swallow, is ultimately… that really boils down to the fact that I need to be paying even more attention to detail on the product side. We have an incredible team and they’ve been kicking major ass and moving really fast… what happened was that I started running too fast in front of them trying to stir up the market and validate our assumptions. The good news and the bad news… is that the market may not care as much as our initial interviews and feedback made us believe and I’m not sure we have a product-market fit just yet… which is okay, it just means I need to refocus the front-end of the business priorities.

Meanwhile, through all of this… I fell hard for a little lady. She’s incredible. But again… my timing is off. So while balancing one company and a major potential projects stress and question marks and getting to far out in front of the other companies product development cycle, I was also coming to the realization that my timing with my personal life too wasn’t in lock step and having to go through those emotional impediments. I happen to be a pretty highly tuned, sensitive, artsy weirdo… so I feel things pretty deeply and then explore those feelings after as well.

Let me make something super clear here though before I continue… this is not me complaining about any of this. I’m simply just venting as a creative relief / outlet and if some other entrepreneur happens to stumble on this piece, maybe they can relate and feel a little less alone in these moments. This is just the nature of our world of building companies, leading teams and balancing a million spinning plates at once.

The biggest way that I have found to get through these moments, or bumps in the road is to lean on the community of other crazy minds like mine and just talk it out. I know I am not alone in these moments, which is nice… and I am lucky enough to have a handful of friends that get to these points as well. Thats when a nice coffee comes in handy. I’m always happy to be there for them in these moments too! High highs and low lows is what I say!

So, with that being said, here is to all the entrepreneurs, angels, VCs and others that take risks and go through the ups and downs of successes and failures, speed bumps or setbacks. I’m climbing out of my current moment, but I’m sure there will be more to come! You guys make the world-go-round! See you out there!