I finally gave in…

I’m a giant music nut, but it’s always been sort of a personal journey, or one where music was traded very closely with a select few who had stumbled down a similar rabbit hole with me. Spotify excites me though, because it could make music such a social experience, passively or actively. Since it’s release in 2006, it’s grown to have a pretty significant collection and a massive user base… but it’s still missing something in my opinion… and I’m not talking about feature creep.

The one thing I wish Spotify did a better job of was making the music my friends are listening to more discoverable. Why can I not click on a friends page, view their listening history and explore the music that they were enjoying? I’d also love to have a page of my own history, so that I can easily go back through what I heard. The history pane in the right side bar is a great start… but I wish I could go deeper.

I’m seriously debating doing a mock-up redesign and floating it out there on the interwebs. There mobile app is even more limiting.

Thats my banter for now.