Product Development Process

Designing product solutions requires many disciplines, and a process to unite them. I call mine I.D.E.A.



Product Design

A few sample projects that I can share publicly


Thematic is a partnership between Michelle Phan, Spin Move Network, and Tayamo and is bringing music promotion to the content creation world. Music artists can now promote their music through online influencer’s content, and content creators can rest assured that the music is fully licensed and won’t be claimed when they use it.

Red Bull

Red Bull needed a new and novel way to change their constantly growing sea of sales reps. Rather than something static and boring, Red Bull wanted a tech heavy, forward thinking interactive experience. This iPad training app ran on multi-touch quizzes that asked the user to interact with the test questions using drag, cluster and multiple touch scenarios.


Bonfire was an experiment in story telling. The team noticed that there was no video based, first person view of current events. We imagined a world where you could leverage your mobile camera to contribute to the worlds feed of the most recent events, as you’ve witnessed them, and we’d stitch them together based on a number of criteria. And then… Snapchat stories happened and we ditched the project. 🙂


Children’s Miracle Network 

“In Flight”

“In Flight” is a mobile app designed to allow 170 children’s hospitals across North America easily manage their relationships with thousands of distributed retail partners. Each hospital field rep could now have the ability to map their routes, access real time fundraising results and historical figures, manage contacts at each store and take notes in the field. Essentially removing the need to spend weeks planning for each campaign.


Habitat for Humanity

The Habitat Mobile app was designed to put the nonprofit in your pocket but really centered on  the ability to register volunteers via mobile. This app was a CMS driven platform allowing multiple Habitat affiliates the ability to customize and deploy their own version of the mobile app and manage the apps content and volunteers from their custom dashboards.


The team at SkuAlytics is building the first ever real time analytics platform for the latin grocery markets. This surprisingly underserved market is almost all but ignored by Neilsen and the likes while CPG companies are clamoring for sales data.


Gozar allows users to schedule shipments of large objects with drivers who have large enough vehicles to accommodate their shipment needs. Think Uber for shipping large objects around town.


Two Six Productions

Two Six Productions is a commercial production company based in Santa Monica. The identity design is based on the founders love for his local beach and a dedication to the lifeguard tower he grew up learning to surf at.