Where do I begin. What a big and bold thing to address! What if i’m wrong, or over-reaching? What if I don’t speak up enough?! Oh well… here goes a free writing experience. I guess at the end of the day… this is just an exercise and should not affect the bottom line (I hope!).

Potential… sort of like a spring pushed or collapsed in, awaiting its chance to pop out and project itself, or whatever it might be underneath, into the world at large. Or maybe it’s the reverse, maybe it’s a spring thats fully extended and ready to support the weight of the fat man who sits in this spring’s chair? Interesting none the less… the spring has potential to support OR to project…

Maybe thats my life’s potential… maybe I can support AND project?I guess that stems back to my thought process anyway… waves… high highs, low lows… balance isn’t the middle, its the ability to have peaks and understand the waves.

Waves. I think i am sitting at the low point of a trough right now… i always encourage everyone else to dig in and start paddling here, but I am feeling like I have no energy. I feel like I fell off of my board and I am just getting beat up by a set. Getting rolled one wave after another, trying to get hold my breath long enough to get back to the surface, only to find the next wave to far away for me to paddle over and set up for the next, but coming to big and too fast for me to get out of it’s damn way! I need to find a way to get to the surface faster, paddle out and prepare to catch the next big roller!

Maybe thats not the case though… maybe I am just about through the thick heavy paddle out to sea. I’ve been duck diving the big heavies so that I can “spring” into action. I’ve built up my strength, gotten through the surf, and now I am ready to drop in on the biggest wave of my life. Maybe my paddle out was my ability to support myself on this crazy next big wave adventure?!

Thats it! Thats what it’s been. It hasn’t been getting crushed by the waves, its been me throwing myself into them! So that I could get out to the lineup! So I can surf with the big boys. Drop into the monsters. The only way to get here is through the thick of it. I AM ALMOST THERE! I surely shouldn’t turn around and get crushed by the next set… I need to swim harder, push through the break and get to the lineup!

Potential… the ability to spring into action or support the weight. I think I am poised to spring right now. At least thats what I a going to tell myself…