What do I love about business. Why is being an entrepreneur so damn magical to me? Why would I want to wear so much pressure? So much stress? Spin so many plates? Cause I love being creative!

Business is like art. Entrepreneurs are like artists. Think about it… As an artist you have a pallet of mediums to play with, mix, blend and get serious about. You take all of those mediums and blend them into a finished piece of art. Something that someone else can interact with, find pleasure (or pain) in. Appreciate. Speculate about. At the end of the day though, it is a collection of mediums and the process in which those mediums were applied that produce and end result. Just like business!

I however think it’s even a little bit deeper than that. See… I grew up making music with my friends (other talented artists) and presenting it to audiences in performances to packed rooms and to a few people at a time. The thing about being in a band is, now you have multiple artists, with multiple mediums all working to produce a collective end result.

Your drummer has a skill set, style and approach… Your guitar player has an array of sounds, amps, effects and applies her own style and approach. Bass player, keyboards… You get my point.

What I loved about being the lead singer (or CEO now) is that it’s my job to harmonize all these artists. To produce an end result that someone can use, appreciate, fall in love with, make memories with. Its my job to empower these artists, but keep us moving toward the same places. Allowing styles, nuances and different approaches to shine while producing a shared vision and outcome.

It’s a creative process to build a team and a company and a suite of products the same way it is to get into a practice space, jam and discover, write a record full of songs and then perform them. We’re making records man!

So when you feel like you’re trapped as an entrepreneur… Daily life is rough. Ideas don’t work. People bail from your team or you cant find the right guys. Just think… You’re a fucking rockstar man. Everyone wants to be a rockstar. Dig deeper, get creative and invest in the creative process in all of the artists you’re collaborating with. Once you finish this song… Theres another hit waiting to be written.

Love & light,